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The Auxiliary in the Press

Our First-to-Know campaign in Albany, GA was covered by local and national press, online, on social media, and on radio and terrestrial television. We estimate an audience of up to 13 million had access to media about this community's effort fight back against COVID.

FORBES: Rap, Gospel And A Unique Fight Against Online Misinformation That Targets Marginalized Communities

“Get on the front line, Get with the First-to-Know, If God on the phone line, Then we’ll be the first to go” raps Albany, Georgia’s Cantrell, framing of the serious nature of Covid-19...


FOX: Albany Housing Authority uses the power of music to keep the community informed

AHA has adopted the First-to-Know Community Alert System to keep residents in the loop about vital public health information, including authoritative updates about COVID-19 and is asking residents to download the free, anonymous UgoRound App and sign up for the Albany Housing Authority First-to-Know Group...


MIC: These Georgia rappers are waging a grassroots war against coronavirus misinformation

It’s a grim fact that lower-income populations are disproportionately afflicted by coronavirus — and living in crowded conditions only makes the risk of infection worse...


NBC: Albany Housing Authority teams up with community for COVID-19 campaign

In a campaign engineered by anti-COVID creative services agency the Auxillary, the Albany Housing Authority joined prominent members of the community to spread the word and be the “first to know” in an unprecedented gospel-rap music video...


ALBANY HERALD: Albany Housing Authority, groups produce anti-COVID alert system

In a first for the Albany Housing Authority, the agency’s latest measure to protect the community from COVID-19 comes with a soundtrack...

Dr. William Myles.JPG

SERCulator: A Gospel-Rap Anthem Warns & Informs About COVID-19

Albany Housing Authority (AHA) has used new strategies to stay in touch with residents while keeping them safe. CEO Dr. William Myles (pictured at right) believes that “change moves at the speed of trust.” Staying in contact with residents and maintaining that trust is his top priority...


Australian Journal of Emergency Management

A team of tech developers and marketers has taken on the challenge to offer another option when it comes to disseminating serious information such as in an emergency...

Australian Institute for Disaster Resili

SOUTH GA TV: Albany Housing Authority implementing app to communicate with tenants

When COVID-19 hit the City of Albany in Mid-March, many of the Albany Housing Authority’s means of keeping their tenants informed were drastically changed. Now thanks to the work of a group known as The Auxilary are helping to make that a reality with an app with the housing authority.

South GA TV.png

The Auxiliary in Conversation with Dunkan Pinderhuse

Dunkan Pinderhuse interviews Cantrell, Dr. William Myles, Imran Hafiz, Beckett Mufson, Big Josh, Travis Cochran, OG Twelve, and Jo3 H3nson about making First-to-Know and making a difference in Albany.

Dunkan 2.png

The Auxiliary on @pubbylongway

My City! "First to know" by @iamcantrell feat. @ogtwelve @bigjosh229 @sifu_jo3 and the Mount Zion Praise Team.

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