The Auxiliary has brought together over 150 of the country's best digital and guerrilla marketers, medical professionals, and disinformation experts on a mission to fight for truth in the age of the virus.


Imran Hafiz


Before he had graduated high school, Hafiz co-authored The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook and won the Arizona Martin Luther King, Jr. Living the Dream Award for activism. He made documentaries at VICE informed by his Duke University public policy training, including the Emmy-award winning VICE on HBO episode that sent Dennis Rodman to North Korea. He introduced Bernie Sanders to Killer Mike while pitching a show for VICELAND. He has made millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies as a creative, strategist, and publisher for VICE Media’s ad agency, VIRTUE.

Beckett Mufson 

Mufson was a top-trafficked reporter at VICE, covering internet culture and transmedia for five years. You can find his byline on Intel’s The Creators Project, VICE, iHeart Radio, and WeedMaps News. His writing has been translated into 12 languages. He later worked on campaigns for top entertainment brands like HBO, Showtime, and Facebook Watch. He helped Hafiz start The Auxiliary while on sabbatical from Sean Parker’s video chat app company, Airtime.

Dylan Enright

Enright is a founder, angel investor, and political junkie with a passion for novel ideas. He has worked in startups leading growth and product at companies like YC backed Wefunder - the pioneer and market leader of investment crowdfunding and Biobot Analytics - an MIT company transforming wastewater infrastructure into public health observatories. Dylan also recently led fundraising for Andrew Yang’s historic 2020 campaign for president.


Dr. Michael Jin 

Chief Science Officer

Pete Adams 


Dr. Welton Chang 

Disinformation Expert

Stanley McBride 


Sabrina Fiorentino 

Web Designer

Kirsten Chilstrom


Dylan DeMarko 

Video Editor

Ashley Lake


Ben Tuber 



Rory Sutherland

Executive Vice Chairman

Ogilvy UK

Shahed Amanullah

Managing Director

Frost Capital

Andrew Essex

CEO, Founder Plan A; 

Founding CEO Droga 5

Christopher Graves

President, Founder Ogilvy

Center for Behavioral Science

David Jay

Head of Mobilization

The Center for Humane Technology

Clare O'Donoghue VelikićHead of Mobilization,

Founder & Director, ODV Digital 

Fmr Facebook Government & Politics Client Partner

Dr. Aurora Schmidt

Network Dynamic Researcher

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Adriel Luis

Curator & Community Organizer

Sangita Rajan

Data ScientistAnimator



Dr. William Myles 

CEO of the Albany Housing

Authority of Albany, GA

Big Josh


Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Jo3 H3nson




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Thanks to Tommy Stang, Dorothy and Al Rowswell, Hamid and Dilara Hafiz, and Kirsten Chilstrom for your hospitality. 


They brought a renewed perspective to reaching the residents of public housing through a different communication platform. Their zeal and tenacity for serving those who are often overlooked impressed me a great deal. They understood the importance of disseminating real and truthful information to the community and that speaks volumes to their integrity. I enjoyed every moment of working with them on the campaign and I look forward to possible future projects with them.

DR WILLIAM MYLES CEO of the Albany Housing Authority